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The intention of this page is to ensure that all news, issues and notices are always available for members to read.
30 Jun 2006

Plans for a much-needed revamp of Eden Park for the 2011 Rugby World Cup were unveiled this week, showcasing a state-of-the-art design that promises benefits for the local community and world-class facilities for fans and sports teams.  Eden Park is now undertaking further consultation with local residents and interest groups before lodging its resource consent application in August.  Project Chairman Rob Fisher said that while the 100-year old Eden Park had great bones, the need to increase capacity for the Rugby World Cup had created a one-off opportunity.  “We’ve got a chance to get it right – to make Eden Park into the world-class stadium it should be and one of which all New Zealanders can be proud.  New Zealand deserves a world-class stadium – not just for the Rugby and Cricket World Cups but, importantly, beyond.

Aucklanders have a great affection for Eden Park, but regular visitors know that the experience leaves a lot to be desired.”  The design will increase the capacity of Eden Park to 60,000, extending the existing ASB Stand to replace the Panasonic Stand, and building new, larger three-tier South and East stands.  The Terraces and the existing South Stand will be demolished, and the West stand will be renovated.  Eden Park also plans to create a ‘front entrance’ and transport hub, with a pedestrian bridge linking to Kingsland railway station and shops, and a bus drop-off area.  The total number of covered seats will increase to 38,000, more toilets and food and beverage outlets will reduce queues, and a pedestrian concourse will help fans circulate inside the ground instead of on neighbouring streets.  Eden Park Chief Executive John Alexander said feedback from local residents had encouraged the designers to open up Eden Park to the local community. “Based on community feedback, our plans include the development of green areas for community use, removing fences and walls from the stadium perimeter, and a community hall.”  “We have aimed to reduce the impact of the Park on its neighbours, despite the increase in capacity.  Light and noise will be managed better thanks to a state-of-the-art outer shell, and our neighbours will also benefit from enhanced traffic management.”  Auckland Mayor Dick Hubbard said bringing Eden Park up to scratch would contribute to Auckland City Council’s vision of Auckland as a growing, sophisticated and vibrant international city.  Mr Hubbard said developing a world-class stadium had long-term economic, social and sporting benefits for Auckland and for New Zealand.  “This is not just about the Rugby World Cup,” Mr Hubbard said.  “It is about having a venue to which Auckland and New Zealand can be proud to welcome, and host, other major events, including the Cricket World Cup in 2015.”  The proposed design was developed by Beca, Jasmax and HOK.

29 Jun 2006
Eden Park announces plans for stadium changes for RWC2011.  For other news articles recently published on this matter, please click the following links:

If you have concerns with issues being reported in the press, please contact us and we will investigate this matter on your behalf.  We are already receiving an overwhelming amount of support for the stance our organisation is taking. 

12 Feb 2006
Artcile appears in Herald on Sunday - Eden Park's $200m facelift revealed  
Eden Park Trust Board is having a series of public open days:-
10 Feb 2006
Congratulations to Brendan Cody, Katrina Norwell, Hiramai Rogers, Rachel Burriss & Brodie Croucher who were the proud recipients of a pair of tickets to the Blues vs Hurricanes Super 14 game, tickets kindly donated by Auckland Rugby.
3 Feb 2006
Article appears in Central Leader ( view article - 1.3Mb ) - and North Harbour News
The following letter was sent to the editor of the Central Leader regarding the EPNA comments by Jose Luis Fowler.
"The EPNA have known of our existence since December 2005 and the founding members of the society can be found at www.societies.govt.nz. Mark Donnelly himself has known that I have been personally involved in the formation of this new society, as I originally offered my help and services to the EPNA - which he rejected .  
We have included a page on the website
http://www.edenparkresidents.org.nz/officers/ which clearly identifies the committee members.  
There is an implication in Mark Donnelly's comments that our organisation has been funded by a party with a vested interest in Eden Park. We absolutely reject this implication.  The companies that have provided funding for our organisation have been clearly identified on our sponsors'  page. We are proud to represent the voice of the community - it is called participative democracy, clearly a concept Mr Donnelly has difficulty with as can be evidenced by his behaviour as part of the Citizens and Ratepayers run council which demonstrated contempt for community opinion on a regular basis.
If the community is pro the park, then we will convey this to the relevant parties.  It so happens that this is, at present,  the overwhelming opinion expressed by the hundreds of people who have already registered as members  on our website and made their feelings known.  As more people join to have their say, this may change but ultimately it will be the voice of the people rather than a group of closed-shop elitists.
25 Jan 2006
Eden Park Residents Association 1st newsletter is distributed to 3500 households.  Click Here to view Newsletter (PDF Format). Eden Park Trust Board submit notification that it has lodged a formal application for resource consent to hold up to nine additional night games per year, in addition to the 16 night games already consented to by the Environment Court.  Five of these additional games could be played as either rugby or cricket games.  The other four night games (the buffer games) would only be played if Auckland rugby teams reached the semi-finals or finals of national competitions such as Super 14 or the Air New Zealand Cup Series.  If this resource consent were granted it would mean that a maximum of 25 night games, including the four buffer games could be played at Eden Park in any year.  A survey has been included on the website to determine how members feel about this submission.  More information can be found in the Eden Park Commentator - Neighbours Newsletter - January 2006
23 Dec 2005
Eden Park Residents Association is formed...
27 Nov 2005
18 Nov 2005