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The intention of this page is to ensure that all recent news, issues and events are posted for all members to read.  This will be supported by email newsletters to remind members to visit the website, participate in online forums and surveys, so that the voice of the residents in known.
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Subject Date
ARC commits $10m to Eden Park redevelopment 26/Jun/2008
Heritage homes under threat from World Cup 12/May/2008
Gift brings the new Eden Park $6.5m closer 09/May/2008
Trust lends hand to Eden Park upgrade 08/May/2008
Media Statement following NZ Herald Article 08/May/2008
Neighbours baulk at 'piecemeal' consent 07/May/2008
Eden Park's South Stand approved 07/May/2008
Park's plan a 'sham' (say's the EPNA) 27/Apr/2008
Time short to make knock-out host bid 16/Mar/2008
Eden Park walkway threatens homes 16/Feb/2008
Sports followers to enjoy free public transport 14/Feb/2008
Eden Park planners consider shading and noise effects on residents 15/Jan/2008
Mayor digs in: City won't put money into upgrade 18/Dec/2007
Sponsor could rename Eden Park 18/Dec/2007
Revamped Eden Park to have 'regional, national benefits' 17/Dec/2007
New 'flashy' design for remodelled Eden Park 17/Dec/2007
Eden Park's $270m upgrade close to confirmed 09/Dec/2007
Eden Park upgrade bill rockets 15/Nov/2007
Fears of cost jump in Eden Park Cup upgrade 04/Nov/2007
Eden Park game plan needed to reach goal 25/Oct/2007
If the Government wants to throw a party, it can pay for the drinks 17/Oct/2007
Money on Banks to win Eden Park fight 16/Oct/2007
Council to pay $50m for Eden Park upgrade 24/Sep/2007
ARC snubs request to pump $50m into Eden Park 14/Sep/2007
Cup plan to benefit Eden Park residents 08/Aug/2007
Eden Park revamp comes out of the shade 15/Jun/2007
Locals warm to Cup revamp 13/Jun/2007
Eden Pk redevelopment appeal withdrawn 12/Jun/2007
Stadium plans still hazy 13/May/2007
IRB backs Eden Park upgrade 06/Mar/2007
Old girl's facelift does the trick 06/Mar/2007
Eden Park plan all go 06/Mar/2007
2011 is in place and 'that is it' 06/Mar/2007
IRB happy to temporarily bed down in garden of Eden 05/Mar/2007
Pushing World Cup deadline a bridge too far 28/Feb/2007
What the government wants, it should pay for 25/Feb/2007
Eden Park beats North Harbour - but not by much 24/Feb/2007
Shifting the goal posts is water off duck's back 24/Feb/2007
World Cup leaves local councils squirming 21/Feb/2007
Plan for Eden Park cleared 20/Feb/2007
IRB nod for Eden Park seat plan 20/Feb/2007
Eden Park - Now get on with it 20/Feb/2007
Oh for the good old days when $20m would do the job 20/Feb/2007
You'll have to cough up for Eden Park, Aucklanders told 20/Feb/2007
Clip-on makes Cup seating a snap 20/Feb/2007
Eden Park still hoping for extra permanent stand 20/Feb/2007
Cheaper Eden Park upgrade confirmed 19/Feb/2007
Let's end charade now and give up Cup 18/Feb/2007
Temporary seating proposal ire 18/Feb/2007
Rate-payers welcome temp seats 14/Feb/2007
If you build it, they will come 14/Feb/2007
Cheap and temporary is all we need 14/Feb/2007
Eden Park plan jolts trust board 14/Feb/2007
Debate over temp seats heats up 13/Feb/2007
Funding veto threatens Rugby World Cup 13/Feb/2007
Residents split over Eden Park upgrade 13/Feb/2007
Temporary upgrade is on table for Eden Park 13/Feb/2007
Downgrade tipped for Eden Park's World Cup upgrade 13/Feb/2007
Mallard rejects Eden Park report 12/Feb/2007
Bills flood in from torpedoed stadium 09/Feb/2007
World Cup worth $240m to Auckland 08/Feb/2007
Emails reveal friction over Mallard's vision of stadium 08/Feb/2007
New papers show what Mallard really thought about waterfront stadium 07/Feb/2007
North Harbour Stadium future-proofed over noise complaints 07/Feb/2007
$200m cash injection for Carlaw Park as World Cup host 04/Feb/2007
Carlaw Park for Cup final? 04/Feb/2007
Blow for stadium upgrade 28/Jan/2007
Eden Park gets nod 27/Jan/2007
Eden Park Neighbours Association may challenge resource 27/Jan/2007
Concern about conditions attached to revamped Eden Park 27/Jan/2007
Residents resist Eden Park development 27/Jan/2007
Eden Park gets resource consent - with conditions 27/Jan/2007
Eden Park upgrade takes step ahead 27/Jan/2007
Conditions on Eden Park resource consent 26/Jan/2007
Eden Park gets consent with 91 conditions 26/Jan/2007
North Harbour ready to raise roof in bid for World Cup final 21/Jan/2007
North Shore may yet get Cup stadium 13/Jan/2007
Lower East Stand will help reduce shading 31/Dec/2006
The cost of stadium naming rights 31/Dec/2006
Cricket: Lookout trouble, it's Mr Fixit 20/Dec/2006
Snedden won't be bothered by stadium stoush - Hobbs 19/Dec/2006
Eden Park's neighbours are restless 15/Dec/2006
Mt Albert Rd cycle lanes fuel safety, parking issues 14/Dec/2006
Extra time called for Eden Park revamp 14/Dec/2006
Home comfort for Eden Park neighbours 13/Dec/2006
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa (but Helen's not his name) 13/Dec/2006
World-class Eden Park vital to Cup: rugby chief 13/Dec/2006
Secret update for council on troubled Vector Arena 12/Dec/2006
Eden Park defends its World Cup figures 12/Dec/2006
$400m Carlaw Park plan 09/Dec/2006
Let's go with Lotto for the Cup 08/Dec/2006
Eden Park memories still strong 07/Dec/2006
All quiet on the stadium front 07/Dec/2006
Putting the park in Eden Park 06/Dec/2006
Mayor opposes paying for stadium 06/Dec/2006
Funding fiasco 06/Dec/2006
$26m plan to sidestep traffic chaos 06/Dec/2006
Decisions over funding of controversial stadium 05/Dec/2006
Lies, damned lies and architects' drawings 04/Dec/2006
Eden Park board faces reshuffle ahead of Cup 03/Dec/2006
What will Rugby World Cup cost NZ? 03/Dec/2006
Nervous Kiwis shy away from boldness 02/Dec/2006
No Manukau cash for Eden Park 02/Dec/2006
Mallard's loss may be people's gain 02/Dec/2006
End in sight for Eden Park's terraces 02/Dec/2006
Stadium funding critics dubbed 'whingers' 01/Dec/2006
Eden Park Trust Board seeks resource consent 30/Nov/2006
Eden Park produces a $160m Cup plan 30/Nov/2006
Some councils help fund stadium projects - some don't 30/Nov/2006
Get on with Eden Park now 29/Nov/2006
Return to Eden 29/Nov/2006
Stadiums queue for Eden Park treatment 29/Nov/2006
Neighbours groups keen to play ball on Eden Park revamp 29/Nov/2006
Spreading the cost of Eden Park 29/Nov/2006
Taxpayers face $175m bill over Eden Park 28/Nov/2006
Eden Park says ARC should contribute to shortfall 28/Nov/2006
Rugby's Eden can only envy the simpler life over the bridge 28/Nov/2006
Row over $225m Eden Park shortfall 28/Nov/2006
Go back to basics at Eden Park 28/Nov/2006
Eden Park gets the nod 27/Nov/2006
It's Eden Park says disappointed Mallard 27/Nov/2006
It's Eden Park, Government says 27/Nov/2006
New stadium dead in the water 27/Nov/2006
Clark hopes Cabinet will find 'clear direction' on stadium 27/Nov/2006
Eden Park tipped as Cabinet's cup choice 27/Nov/2006
Mallard to seek more time to assess waterfront option 26/Nov/2006
Ratepayers don't want to pay 26/Nov/2006
Naive city in danger of Mallard mugging 26/Nov/2006
Venue stalemate no surprise 26/Nov/2006
Waterfront Stadium 'dead and buried' 26/Nov/2006
Waterfront? Sink that nonsense while everyone's still talking 26/Nov/2006
Hucker cast 'no' vote on stadium 25/Nov/2006
NZRU calls for stadium rifts to heal 25/Nov/2006
Eden Park likely to get nod as vote splits 25/Nov/2006
Eden Park breaks clear in World Cup race 25/Nov/2006
City council vote should prevail 25/Nov/2006
Waterfront debate spawns new style of democracy 25/Nov/2006
Waterfront stadium sinking fast 25/Nov/2006
MPs Declare Victory Over Waterfront Stadium 24/Nov/2006
ARC resolutions on stadium decision 24/Nov/2006
Council agrees on waterfront stadium site 24/Nov/2006
In the swim on the Auckland seafront 24/Nov/2006
Quandary for Mallard after ARC votes No 24/Nov/2006
Stadium debate moves to regional council 24/Nov/2006
Wharves best site say advisers 24/Nov/2006
Council votes 'yes' to waterfront stadium 24/Nov/2006
Protesters say 'no' to port plan 24/Nov/2006
High Court battle expected to drag in Government 24/Nov/2006
Let's hope ARC has courage to vote no 24/Nov/2006
World watching with stadium vote imminent 23/Nov/2006
Injunction fails to stop councils deciding tonight 23/Nov/2006
Legal challenge threatens today's vote 23/Nov/2006
Four councillors hold key votes 23/Nov/2006
Hubbard sure polls not key to great buildings 23/Nov/2006
If councils split, it's hard to pick a winner 23/Nov/2006
No easy answer to regional question 23/Nov/2006
Value-added means extra rates bills 23/Nov/2006
Auckland's turf war 22/Nov/2006
Hide considers Auditor-General complaint 22/Nov/2006
Public gagged at crucial meeting 22/Nov/2006
Herald readers opt for Eden Park 22/Nov/2006
Government defends law changes 22/Nov/2006
Playing the numbers game 22/Nov/2006
Locke criticises process for Park decision 21/Nov/2006
'Bob the Builder' puts stadium at $1.5b 21/Nov/2006
D-day is looming on whether Auckland gets a brand new waterfront stadium 21/Nov/2006
Architects outline clean, green, self-sufficient vision 21/Nov/2006
Q & A on stadium projects 21/Nov/2006
Say 'yes' to the stadium 21/Nov/2006
'No' cause unites traditional foes in the waterfront stadium debate 20/Nov/2006
Councillors told to keep own counsel 20/Nov/2006
Eight Auckland councillors back government choice 20/Nov/2006
Mallard's folly will morph into albatross of debt 20/Nov/2006
National funds for a national stadium 20/Nov/2006
Stadium stoush a battle of brawn 19/Nov/2006
Councillors in shock stadium u-turn 19/Nov/2006
Auckland's stadium debate triggers deja vu in Brisbane 19/Nov/2006
National stadium on waterfront could breath new life into Auckland 19/Nov/2006
After the Cup has gone 18/Nov/2006
National's not playing ball at the waterfront 18/Nov/2006
Mallard plays hardball in his Field of Dreams 18/Nov/2006
Visionary decision will arrest decline 18/Nov/2006
Only days left to win over public 18/Nov/2006
Mallard shifts goalposts in stadium-decision countdown 17/Nov/2006
National MPs say they are none the wiser about the Government's waterfront stadium plans 17/Nov/2006
Waterfront 'won't get big rock concerts' 16/Nov/2006
Dollars, not time, the issue 16/Nov/2006
Mallard back in town for stadium sales pitch 16/Nov/2006
Democracy gains a new dimension 15/Nov/2006
World Cup an expensive party or sound investment? 15/Nov/2006
Cullen makes sinking sounds 15/Nov/2006
Q&A: An electrifying new twist to the consultation game 15/Nov/2006
Fletchers 'risk being the bad guys' for stadium involvement 15/Nov/2006
Property bosses split on waterfront vision 15/Nov/2006
Brash frets about waterfront costs 15/Nov/2006
Architects' stadium vision a 'floating white cloud' 15/Nov/2006
Mallard accuses waterfront opponents of 'viral' campaign 15/Nov/2006
'Needle' makes point on threat to Eden Park 14/Nov/2006
$500m pricetag may be just the start, warns Cullen 14/Nov/2006
Cullen says Eden Park upgrade 'not funded' 14/Nov/2006
National backs Eden Park but unsure on waterfront 14/Nov/2006
Stay away from waterfront stadium, Fletcher Building told 14/Nov/2006
Prominent NZers answer on waterfront stadium: Yes or No? 14/Nov/2006
Second-rate stadium in third-rate location ... and so it is 13/Nov/2006
Double rebuff for wharf plan 13/Nov/2006
Whether it be the waterfront or Eden Park... 12/Nov/2006
Stadium choice is over to us 11/Nov/2006
Stadium will be Mallard's monument or mausoleum 11/Nov/2006
Project head confident stadium can be finished in time for Cup 11/Nov/2006
For more than a century it has been a Garden of Eden ablaze with sporting colour.. 11/Nov/2006
Cricket Chief: Eden Park Betrayed 11/Nov/2006
Stadium decision - over to you now 11/Nov/2006
Debt-ridden Eden Park's future in doubt 11/Nov/2006
May 1 deadline for Fletcher Building to start stadium 11/Nov/2006
Last thing Auckland needs is Trojan horse full of future debt 10/Nov/2006
Bluffer's guide to the waterfront stadium 10/Nov/2006
Waterfront stadium: Reaction 10/Nov/2006
How do the two stadium options stack up? 10/Nov/2006
The end of Eden Park? 10/Nov/2006
Battle of the stadiums: Two weeks to decide 10/Nov/2006
Last thing Auckland needs is Trojan horse full of future debt 10/Nov/2006
Mallard ready to go with waterfront stadium 10/Nov/2006
Government remains cagey on stadium - but waterfront favourite 09/Nov/2006
Cullen: Eden Park not best for World Cup 09/Nov/2006
Government remains cagey on stadium - but waterfront favourite 09/Nov/2006
Santa Helen's $500m present should remain under wraps 08/Nov/2006
Ministers give away stadium game plan well before kick-off 08/Nov/2006
Garry Law: Super-size stadium faces empty future 08/Nov/2006
Labour call in Nats to boost waterfront support 08/Nov/2006
Model T or Rolls-Royce - what is the best stadium option? 07/Nov/2006
No chance of waterfront stadium by 2011 - Ports of Auckland 07/Nov/2006
Waterfront stadium still on cards though one site ruled out 07/Nov/2006
Secretive Mallard out of line 06/Nov/2006
Stadium tsunami warning 06/Nov/2006
Stadium decision 'unlikely today' 06/Nov/2006
In a state of stadium limbo 05/Nov/2006
Carlaw Park pitched as World Cup venue 05/Nov/2006
Test of emotional attachment to field of glory and drama 03/Nov/2006
$700m waterfront stadium is Government's first choice 03/Nov/2006
Cricket in dark over stadium plans 22/Oct/2006
Grand standing - another stadium proposal 22/Oct/2006
Secrecy of Auckland stadium talks raises alarm 18/Oct/2006
Stadium would boost fortunes of business district 16/Oct/2006
Waterfront stadium bid 'could put World Cup hosting at risk' 15/Oct/2006
Waterfront stadium may be step closer 13/Oct/2006
After shabby service, we deserve citadel of dreams 01/Oct/2006
Leafy Victoria Park 'ideal' for stadium 01/Oct/2006
Eden Park considers lowering the roof as Harbour offers alternative 24/Sep/2006
Good ideas for city are hard to realise 21/Sep/2006
Big guns roll out for Tank Farm 21/Sep/2006