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Hucker cast 'no' vote on stadium
Saturday November 25, 2006

Auckland City deputy mayor Bruce Hucker surprised people during the council's vote on the waterfront stadium on Thursday night by appearing to vote in favour of the waterfront option after having initially voted against it.

However, he insisted yesterday that he had voted against the waterfront option and that a later favourable vote had not been about the choice of venue. The Herald reported yesterday that Dr Hucker had voted in favour of the waterfront stadium, with the motion passing by 13-7. Other media reported that the vote had been 12-8.

While Dr Hucker did vote against a motion that the council's preference was for a waterfront stadium located substantially eastwards of the Government's proposed location, he later voted favourably for a waterfront stadium on issues of design, consultation and other issues.

Dr Hucker said this was not contradictory and was done in the context that his opposition to the waterfront had been clearly stated.