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Ratepayers don't want to pay
Sunday November 26, 2006

Cabinet is being warned to heed a firm 'No' from Auckland's ratepayers, to picking up the tab for the Rugby World Cup stadium.

Lobby group NoMoreRates is awaiting tomorrow's Cabinet decision with trepidation following the split vote of Auckland's councils.

It says one thing the Regional and City Councils agreed on was a resolution there should be no demands on ratepayers, either for building or for operational costs.

Spokesman David Thornton says Cabinet members are being emailed this weekend and reminded Aucklanders will not foot the bill.

He says the government must underwrite the whole deal.

He says it was the government that went to Dublin and bid for the cup alongside the Rugby Union, saying how good the event would be for the country.

David Thornton says if it is good for the country, the country should pay for it.

A survey released this morning shows most New Zealanders do not want to help pay for a new stadium in Auckland, and neither do Aucklanders.

Sixty-five per cent of people surveyed nationally are against contributing, in the study released by Research New Zealand.

Fifty-nine per cent of Aucklanders are also against the city picking up the tab.