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Home comfort for Eden Park neighbours
13 December 2006

Real estate agents are divided over the effect Eden Park's redevelopment will have on property prices.

Ray White Mt Eden branch manager Andrew Bick thinks it will bring a "boom time" for agents in the area.

"The initial sceptics are going to bail out," he says.

"Then there will be a huge increase in prices but not in the next 12 months or so."

Mr Bick says homes near the stadium will get very expensive, especially those within walking distance.

"Around 2010 we are going to have an influx of people wanting to move in the area. It's only good news," he says.

Mr Bick says the area is already hugely popular.

Our rental property management division just doesn't have enough properties in the Mt Eden area."

Barfoot and Thompson Mt Eden branch manager Ian Gray doesn't think the 2011 Rugby World Cup will make much difference to the property market.

"We didn't see anything like that for the America's Cup. I don't envisage anything like that for this either," Mr Gray says.

"We're still selling homes in that area. We've achieved very good prices and they haven't taken an awful long time to sell, maybe four to six weeks.

"The Park's been there for a long time and the only thing that's caused consternation is the lights," he says.

"I don't think people will be scrambling to buy close to the park. There is reasonably easy access and it's a central location.

"But if anybody is considering selling their property we'd love to have it. There are plenty of people wanting to buy."

Mt Eden-based Excell Realty's Frank Excell says the stadium upgade will be fantastic.

"I live just up the road from where it's happening. It's going to be a really great thing," he says.

"Eden Park is an icon and has been there for a long time.

"Some people moved there specifically to get close to the rugby and some people hate it - there wouldn't be many in between," he says.