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Prominent NZers answer on waterfront stadium: Yes or No?
Tuesday November 14, 2006
The Herald asked prominent New Zealanders for their views on the waterfront stadium.

Russell Brown
media commentator
"I can see the appeal of an iconic waterfront stadium. I would like to see more details. If it was do-able I would be keen.
"Maybe Carlaw Park has been unfairly dismissed as an option."

Leighton Smith
"It would be visual pollution. Whatever its design, it would be out of all proportion with its surroundings. The risks are massive. I don't believe it can be finished in time and certainly nowhere near budget. It's likely that the CBD would become Trashville after major events. It would be oversized, overpriced and underutilised."

Jaquie Brown
TV3 presenter
"I think the waterfront stadium is the better option. It's close to everything, won't disrupt traffic in Kingsland and make Auckland more international."

Mikey Havoc
BFM breakfast show host
"Well against it and so is my wife [Actress Claire Chitham. I can't think of anything more ridiculous than constructing something on the harbourside of one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and everyone is looking in at a field."
"It's rushed and poorly thought out, I mean having a phone poll about this is unbelievable. Auckland is becoming more like Springfield every day."

Dr Pita Sharples
Maori Party co-leader
"I have been vociferous in voicing my feelings that Ngati Whatua have not been properly consulted and until that happens there should not be one there.
"It's probably a good venue but unless they consult properly with the Ngati Whatua ki Orakei Trust Board then I don't think they have a right to proceed."

John Hart
Former All Blacks coach
"Given my background, my history and heart are clearly with Eden Park. However accepting the well-stated problems with a multi-purpose stadium in a suburban residential area, I think we need to take a bold and visionary approach.
"For that reason, on the assumption that an international stadium can be built in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, then I favour a new venue which will host multi-purpose events beyond sport (including conference and concert facilities) which will invigorate downtown Auckland and leave a legacy for New Zealand beyond the 2011 Rugby World Cup."

Pam Corkery
former Mayoral candidate, MP and broadcaster
"It's a vanity by the government we're being blackmailed, it's not going to work and from my knowledge its engineeringly unfeasible to get it done in that time.
"But mostly Helen Clark wants to build a legacy to herself."

Kerre Woodham
"There hasn't been enough thought put into it and we should all have a say of where it's going to be if it's for all the people of New Zealand, not just some knee-jerk response."

John Tamihere
former Labour Party MP and broadcaster
"No one can say how it's going to be funded, what the final design will be, what the final timeline is and whether the waterfront is the right option because no one has been able to present one yet."